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"Robin can me and the titan girl please please have what you call the sleepover and before you say no you and the titan guys can do the hanging out" asks Starfire "Starfire which titan girls and how many are there going to be" questioned Robin "just friend Raven and the titans east girls so......please please please can I have one" said Starfire giving Robin puppy dog eyes "fine but what day" says Robin "Thank you boyfriend Robin I must go tell Raven, wish me the luck" says Starfire running to the ops room

In The OPS Room

"Friend Raven" says Starfire walking up to Raven "What Star" says Raven "I have done the talking with Robin and he said that I could have a sleepover and I really what you to come so.......please please please please" begged Starfire "Why should I go it's not my thing and I don't like all that girly crap" says Raven meditating "please Raven I will not make you do anything can you just show up please please please please " begs Starfire "If I say I will go will you stop asking" says Raven "yes" says Starfire "Fine I'll go but I can't promise I will participate in everything" says Raven "Glorious I will call Jinx and Bumblebee and see if they can come" says Starfire "Oh and friend Raven me and you need to do the shopping at the mall at 7:00" says Starfire "why" says Raven "Because we need to get the decorations and new pajamas and more importantly the surprise thing that you will probably hate but I'm getting it anyway" says Starfire "What are you buying and your not telling me" says Raven "Nothing" says Starfire

Find out what Starfire is going to buy in part 2
In the flashback

Raven and her mother were playing at the park raven was walking around with her mother and landed right on her arm and the bone was popping out so they rushed to a hospital, one hour later arella was so worried until raven walked out of the hospital room with a mad face on "raven are you alright I was really wor..... they told you didn't they when they toke sample of your blood" says arella "why didn't you tell me!" Yells raven "I'm 12 years old" yells raven again "raven I was going to tell you when you were 14" says arella in a calming voice "I will never forgive you" says raven  

In ravens room with starfire and raven

Star was waving her hand in front of ravens face then raven was so sad that she had run away and said she would never forgive her mother and had tears in her eyes and was still mad at her emotions so she grabbed her magical mirror went straight towards her emotions and said "this sh*t is over, Azarath metrion zinthos!!!!!!" She fell to the floor beast boy robin cyborg were standing outside of ravens door until terra opened the door walked right up to raven and said "talk about a drama queen" "your one to talk, don't you remember elementary school or are you to f*cking stupid to know miss drama queen of 6 years straight" says raven as starfire is backing up "get out of my room all of you" says raven "but Rae I need to talk to you" says beast boy "later it's midnight"

At 3:00 in the morning  

Raven was having a massive nightmare and was levitating one foot above her bed eyes glowing and was screaming bloody hell the only person who heard it was beast boy and her was running to her room when he got there he was shaking her arm yelling at her to wake up 1 minute later she woke gasping for air like she couldn't breathe "hey Rae are you alright" says beast boy "yeah yeah I'm fine, why aren't you with terra instead of here with me" says raven "it's because I don't like terra I like no love you" says beast boy "I love you too beast boy but if we are going to start dating it probably won't last long but if we are we need to know more about each other" says raven they end up talking about each others past all night they stayed up until 6:00 then beast boy went to his room to go to bed

Until part three
SsIn the ops room
Everyone was in there except raven and terra was back and raven has only come out of her room when there where missions beast boy and starfire were the only ones that were worried about raven even though bb and terra are dating at the time
Back to the ops room
BB and cyborg were playing video games terra was watching and Starfire and Robin were still eating breakfast until raven walked in she had the sign of frustration on her face "good morning friend raven" said starfire raven did not answer "friend are you ok you have not come out of your room in a whole week and have not talked to any of your friends" says starfire "listen star I'm dealing with home town  issues" says raven quietly "friend you can talk to us do you care to tell us what's wrong" says starfire "you really want to know (star nods her head) fine my father toke over azerath, killed everyone a and my mother" says raven about to cry ,everyone looked at raven "and yes trigon is coming to earth to try to destroy earth" says raven with tears in her eyes "raven how did trigon come back" says Robin "I kinda have 3 other brothers that I only told star about" says raven "why didn't you tell us" says Robin in a annoyed tone "because it was none of your business" says raven "oh no......bye" says raven as she runs to her room when she gets there she sounds like she is screaming bloody murder and all her emotions are all standing there in front of her (happy,timid,bravery,love,wisdom,lazy,sloth,and rage) raven had her knees to her chest crying because of all the stress starfire walked into ravens room went to her and said "friend why are you crying and there are many version's of you" says starfire "I'm crying because I'm stressed and trust me it's not good for you and those are all of my emotions happy,timid,bravery,love,rage,wisdom,sloth,and lazy" says raven "raven your emotions are so colorful they can make a rainbow" says starfire as happy as can be then raven has a flash back

Which you will see in part 2


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